Game Ontology

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Patrick will be on a speaking tour in Asia introducing an innovative approach to strategy by complementing game theory with philosophy. The phrase ‘game ontology’ is reserved as a working title for a new book planned with McGraw Hill Asia for 2017 release. He will introduce the philosophy of conduct to audiences at business meetings in Hong Kong on March 17th and Singapore March 22nd. The presentation in Hong Kong will introduce a theme of apoptosis to data patterns, wherein individual choice can be eliminated by a programmed sequence of events. The Masterclass in Singapore will more formally introduce the game ontology underpinning a cognitive business strategy framework and blend the episteme of a mistake into the thinking behind a strategy plan. The big idea behind cognitive business strategy is to provide senior management in an era of big data with an Aide Memoire on how to think ‘ahead of the mistake’ in the translation of a value proposition into a winning strategy. The attached papers are preliminary and subject to change and comments are welcome.


Hong Kong: Flyer.pdf
Singapore: cognitive business strategy 22mar2016.pdf

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