Book: Decoding Strategy

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In this document we ask: is it rational for an entrant to retreat from the game? The answer depends on the belief formation process of both players, the timing of entry and commitment from the incumbent. In order to assess the value proposition for a client-entrant we describe the main battlefield, open a pre-entry playbook, assess the risk-on of the strategy sets and provide an Aide Memoire to management.

Patrick Mcnutt - Decoding Strategy


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In his new book, Decoding Strategy, Patrick introduces the T/3 framework as a template for discovering patterns in company data and intelligence. With an emphasis on player type, game technology and time, the T/3 framework supports a narrative on rival interaction and observation. He argues that patterns do exist in the data but the challenge is to discover the patterns. Game dimensions are identified and companies are defined as players in a game. The book offers management and individuals a possible template for understanding patterns with a view to predicting the next move in a game.

Patterns & Critical Analysis

Behaviour & Observations

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