Meso-Data: Omega Circles & Origami Manifolds

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Masterclass 2018 will discuss whether or not meso-data patterns could be decoded from omega circles. Intuitively, it means that Mr Al. Gorithm (and his influence on the onsumer choice set) embeds predictable patterns in everyday behaviour so that small data sets become richer than big data ever imagined. Work in progress, scheduled for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. Shanghai in April, we intend to explore singularity from the perspective of the Kantian ethics of duty and responsibility. The Masterclass will introduce meso-data as the ultimate step in the ethics of singularity. During March, in the UAE, the focus will be on the intuition behind meso-data and we intend to introduce a possible representation as omega circles and manifolds.

The Masterclass sessions in 2017 introduced the concept of meso-data, defined as data with memory and emotions. Relevant Blog entries include

During 2017 the discussion worked from the hypothesis that: ‘thinking’ machines (the Turing machines like your smartphone or tablet) exist because we as humans have stopped thinking, outsourcing our memory to smart devices. At one level, we, as onsumers, bid against ourselves in many online transactions. At a moment in time Mr AL. Gorithm introduces a rationing rule to ensure END > BIN by assigning excess supply in the form of a Dutch auction.

As the END prices ‘reaches’ BIN, there is a ‘moving away’ from BIN with ‘a willingness to pay’ decoded from data patterns or ‘moving away’ converging to BIN with excess supply. So a random onsumer, for example, books a room in the hotel but not the preferred room at a special price or the onsumer buys a concert ticket but not in the preferred seat location.

In 2018 we re-introduce ‘the daily routine’ buying a cup of coffee on the way to work. Daily patterns favour one coffee house until by chance a third party (a friend or Mr Al.Gorithm) presents an alternate house. Faced with two events A = {coffee house 1, 2} and two consequences C = {BUY, EXIT}, Mr Al. Gorithm, assigns a probability conditional on the onsumer’s ranking of BUY and EXIT so that the consequences are BUY, Mr. Al, or EXIT.

Then we ask: What if: Ω(C, A) = CA

What if predictable meso-data patterns could be decoded from omega circles and manifolds?

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Shanghai Template: Origami Patterns

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