New Book: Game Embedded Strategy

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Thinking strategically is the theme of my new book, Game Embedded Strategy. The actions and decisions of management are now subject to conflicting motivations and changing belief systems, and, within the framework developed, rational decision making is more about identification of a near-rival than the maximisation of a selfish motive per se. Management at Company A may be rational in thinking strategically at time period t not to reduce the price of A’s product by x per cent; hence, no price signals are observed from A by its competitors – if management are of the belief that Company B will react, and will react aggressively with a greater price reduction than x per cent. The objective of game embedded strategy is contained in the hope of understanding business strategy more in line with intuition as observed. The rationality of the management of Company A is intricately linked with their belief about Company B, and this is an intuitive rationality that is co-dependent on the three ‘T’s’ embedded in Framework Tn=3: type, technology and time.

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The book is available in Amazon – Game Embedded Strategy .

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