The First Entelechy of Strategy: Data Patterns

Data has intrinsic patterns and they are not easily observed. Finding the pattern reveals the strategy of a company. A data pattern is the first entelechy of strategy - the first actualisation of what a company is all about. In coaching and consultancy, the Covington-McNutt Template provides a guide to the construction of critical time lines, CTLs. A CTL reveals a pattern of action and reaction and identifies a competitor that is more likely to react first from the sum of competitors. The research is back to basics and simple, checking the micro-data for signals. The signals can be used as a diagnostic tool and assist management to shape strategy. Building on the behavioural T/3 framework in the book Decoding Strategy the objective in the 21st century is to uncover the hidden data patterns embedded in a company's behaviour and in the behaviour of its rivals. They are all players in a game of moves, actual moves and potential moves.

CovingtonMcNutt PDF

Case Study Emirates and Qantas

Welcome to this brief overview of our consultancy services. This page should be viewed in conjunction with the rest of the web page, particularly Masterclass and Strategic Lateral Thinking areas. Please click on both for more information.

Our approach to consultancy can be viewed in the Video Vault link. It may be of interest to CEOs, senior management, lawyers, and to business and management professionals. Our approach, for example, to business consultancy, is to assemble the senior management team and begin by asking the question: What Market Should We Be In? The answer is placed in 'context' [see the video] enabling you to know and better understand the reactions of your competitors and to respect your nearest rival; the objective is to offer you a fresh and innovative approach to strategic decision-making.

Representative Consultancy Projects

Applied Game Theory & Strategy

Strategic analysis of (pharma) likely competitor reactions and prepared C-suite Aide Memoire for a FTSE client using sensitive data and outlined ‘what-if’ competitor analysis on the likely reactions to the launch of a second brand ‘generic’ product.

Statistical analysis (healthcare) of likely obesity rates in future Irish population cohorts with a view to deliver a robust narrative in support of client’s pro-active approach to Health 2.0 with a set of nudge parameters as a policy framework for a healthier population. Find copy of report in News Now: Obesity: Nudging Towards Health 2.0

Good Governance & Responsibility

  • On behalf of private client in financial services, Patrick developed a voting model of members to facilitate good governance and fair representation at decision making stages.
  • Patrick chaired a team of experts to assist in the redrafting of company business plan, amending articles of association and drafting of Board strategic plan, facilitating change management targets and organisational restructuring.

Private Antitrust Litigation

  • Private antitrust litigation (LPG sector): affidavits filed and analytical support provided in the preparation of Plaintiff's case.
  • Private antitrust litigation (energy): affidavit filed and analytical support of testifying expert regarding the competitive impact of deregulation in the energy market.
  • Private antitrust litigation (taxi deregulation): affidavit filed and analytical support of testifying expert and critical review of opposing expert report regarding the competitive impact of deregulation in the taxi market.
  • Private antitrust litigation (refusal to supply): prepared and presented economic analysis before national competition agency in support of a complaint on an abuse of a dominant position in hospital services.
  • Private antitrust litigation (boycott): prepared competition assessment and an economic analysis of monopsony power to be used by a third party in court proceedings
  • Private antitrust litigation (contracts and tying): provided critical review and a competitive impact statement on contracts and tying used by an injured party in a mobile phones contract dispute.
  • Private antitrust litigation (abuse of dominance): provided analytical support for a legal challenge to a dominant position and specific abuses of that dominant position used by a third party in litigation.

Critical Thinking & Management Coaching

  • Using game theory tools, Patrick conducted an intensive 2 day coaching session with partners of a leading UK regional law firm to assist in new strategic vision for the company.
  • Patrick assisted private equity financiers in predicting likely outcomes to a national merger remedy and chart opportunities for acquiring divested assets.
  • Patrick provided high level advice to a US institutional investor client keen to appraise the risk profile of legal and political landscape on strategic investments in Europe.
  • Patrick provided high level confidential advice to private equity and brokerage client keen to appraise new investment opportunities, define the scope of risk analysis and prepare Board level confidential strategic advice and options.

Antitrust Inquiry

  • Antitrust inquiry (health insurance sector): prepared submission on behalf of client to national competition agency review of heath insurnace sector.
  • Antitrust inquiry (payments industry): prepared competition assessments and developed Board level strategic advice.
  • Antitrust inquiry (beer industry): prepared high level assesment of competition compliance and EU readiness for entry to new markets.
  • Antitrust inquiry (general industry): prepared competitive impact statements and econometric analysis of proposed acquisitions on behalf of private parties to acquisitions.
  • Antitrust inquiry (tourism sector): provided economic support in supporting claims of an abuse of market power used by the plaintiff in court proceedings.
  • Antitrust inquiry (gas market): prepared and presented economic analysis on collective dominance before national competition agency.
  • Antitrust inquiry (food sector): prepared competition assessment and analysis of the underlying structure of a food market, addressing issues of market definition, dominance, concentration and pricing.
  • Antitrust inquiry (e-commerce portal): prepared economic analysis used by the plaintiff in court proceedings into an alleged abuse of a dominant position.

Mergers & Joint Ventures

  • Mergers (oil sector): prepared competitive impact statement and econometric analysis based on essential facilities arguments used by a third party to challenge a merger.
  • Joint Venture (financial sector): prepared an economic analysis of the likely spillover effect and competitive effects of a joint venture to be used by the parents in a notification of the joint venture.
  • Mergers (oil sector): prepared and presented economic analysis of proposed remedies in a merger before a national merger agency.