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A very kind welcome to my personal web page.

A very kind welcome to my web page, which introduces you to a range of different interests and areas of work that I have been involved with during the past few years. In particular there is reference to my work as a consultant on matters of competition, mergers and antitrust policy, my time as a lecturer in economics in Ireland and at different universities abroad and my on-going work as a writer and author of books on competition policy, public choice and voting theory, law and economics and occasional articles in the press.

On graduating from Oxford University in 1982, I joined University College Galway as lecturer in economics (1982-1994), before being appointed Professor of Political Economy at University of Ulster in 1994. In late 1996, I left acadaemia to take up the full-time position of Executive Chairman (1996-2000) of the Irish Competititon Authority. I was subsequently engaged as consultant (2001-2004) to the Jersey Competition & Regulatory Authority in Channel Islands and became its inaugural Chairman. During this time, I joined the Board of well-known international consultancy company Indecon London Economics. In 2005, I formed my own bespoke consultancy, Patrick McNutt Associates advising clients on business strategy. Currently based in Dublin, I have been Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School since 2004, playing a major role in the development of its worldwide MBA programme and continue to lecture and engage in academic research while providing consultancy and support to private clients.

Apart from my professional work, I enjoy music, writing and travel. During my graduate years at Oxford, with a group of fanatics, we established the Bob Dylan Appreciation Society and became the inaugural President. We were puppets in a play! I have been fortunate in that my work has afforded me the opportunity to travel to many different countries and to meet and work with so many different people from across the world.

Patrick A McNutt

Thinking and Doing

Continuing to consult, teach and research in the general area of applied game theory, the following is a snapshot of a career to date.

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