Beyond Individual Choice: Meso-Data Creativity

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In this presentation, delivered in Dubai, a sustainable strategy is defined as convergence to group rationality via creative solutions. One creative solution – meso-data creativity – is discussed in terms of a sufficiently intelligent algorithms (SIAL), the purpose of which is to to nudge behaviour towards a sustainable strategy outcome. Once rational individuals are ‘enveloped’ by the game they are captured by what Patrick calls the ‘thief of nature’ into a Faustian belief that they can do better than the game outcome. As enveloped players, they mimic the SIAL algorithm and a game between rational individual as an ‘onsumer’ v SIAL is envisaged.

Note the impact of technology such as indoor positioning systems (IPS) on consumer choice. Likewise, when the Giselda type of player, from Chapter 8 Decoding Strategy, enters the game a sustainable strategy equilibrium is obtained. Some of the economic arguments and the game theory concepts attempt to build on earlier work and presentations (available on thiss website), in particular, on cognitive business strategy and the second win In this third insight, Patrick takes us beyond individual choice as an enveloped player in a game. Influenced by the Oxford lectures of the late Michael Bacharach, the presentation reviews the rational decision-making process behind the Prisoners’ dilemma. An additional ppt slideshow on the thief of nature is Note that Michael Bacharach’s edited book Beyond Individual Choice, published posthumously, is available from Princeton University Press.


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