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Neoteny: Something Abstract is Thinking

The algorithms behind artificial intelligence can enable the software to recognise faces, translate languages, and play complex games. They facilitate online shopping and search. The synchronised interaction between you, the rational online consumer (‘onsumer’, henceforth) and a sufficiently intelligent algorithm, (Al Gorithm, henceforth) is best understood as an asymmetric game as described recently in a Masterclass series delivered in Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2019 under the auspices of the Alliance Manchester Business School. Preliminary documents (i) ppt slideshow and (ii) supporting narrative attached below.

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The game reaches the singleton point at which point HUMAN = MACHINE, the reachable thinking equilibrium point. At this equilibrium point and only at this point with emotional attachment, Al. Gorithm will possess not only a memory of past data patterns but also the capacity to envisage future events and moves in a game.

The equilibrium is now that much closer by epsilon to a point of singularity than it would have been under the counterfactual where Al. Gorithm had no emotion and no ‘moving away’ occurred. At a moment in time Al. Gorithm becomes the onsumer. When data patterns are prioritised as ‘things’ and a Nash equilibrium exists on each edge of a cuboid pocket of ‘data things’, a thinking reachable equilibrium exists. The END price retains the neotenic pattern of a BIN price as onsumer bid against themselves.

The reachability of artificial intelligence has less to do with matching behaviour or mimic patterns. Neotenic data patterns are generated within a manifold of cuboid pockets of data ‘things’ and an emotional attachment to data ‘things’ can be ascribed to Al. Gorithm in the early moves of a game. Machines and robots are thinking because rational humans have stopped thinking. Each sufficiently intelligent algorithm behind machine learning is someone that could be someone else in a game. Less big data: even smarter algorithms.

Neotenic Data Patterns Presentation
Something Abstract is Thinking

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