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Bloomberg TV Asia Confidential

Bloomberg TV Asia Confidential – Interview with Patrick McNutt

Analysis and discussion with Professor Patrick McNutt from Manchester Business School. He talks about G-20 and the present currency market. (Asia Confidential – 3 minutes extract)

Secret Street and The Neighbourhood of No-Truth

In a new publication, Patrick develops a framework to understand secrets and lies. For every secret there is at least one lie. Rational man is dedicated to telling the truth when he is in a position to know, and act. Telling the truth has become a behavioural norm in society. Patrick argues that there is a no-truth equilibrium and honesty may not be the best policy!Answers can only be found in arguing that honesty makes sense because we cannot fool reality.


Secret Street and The Neighbourhood of No-Truth (PDF)

Governance and Ethical Maturity Index

The Ethical Maturity Index provides an assessment of your company’s compliance with good governance criteria on a scale of 1 to 4. A mature company scores 4 with a  Code of Ethical Practice. Where does your company score? How to achieve that top score is part of a new risk management tool developed and tested on clients by Elena Demidenko and myself.

Tao of Ethics

In this first draft of Tao of Ethics, Patrick McNutt explores an ethical way based on Kantian philosophy and Chinese philosophy.

Due for publication in 2010, it is envisaged that the book will complement Political Economy of Law, which is due for publication by Edward Elgar Publishing in the summer of 2009. For more information, please download the PDF below.

  • Tao of Ethics (pdf)

    This is preliminary draft of a manuscript due for publication in 2010. Chapters are currently under construction and being redrafted. The opening chapter is abridged from Political Economy of Law due for publication in the summer of 2009 by Edward Elgar Publishing. The usual disclaimer applies. Readers are free to download the manuscript. © Patrick A. McNutt at Dublin and Donegal.