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Kaelo v2.0

Welcome to Kaelo v2.0 software, an e-learning tool that should help to facilitate your application of many of the economic concepts addressed in the Managerial Economics module of the Manchester Worldwide MBA programme. It is an advance on Kaelo v1.0 – still available here. In particular, have a look at our approach to signalling and the link between signals inherent in business video clips and share performance. This is an interesting application of Kaelo; it has a direct application to everyday analysis of financial performance. A commercial version, Kaelo v3.0, will be constructed in 2008. The commercial application will focus on game dynamics, on signalling as a concept and on its application as a measuring tool for investment analysis.  We are grateful to the many who have inspired our appoach so far and contributed to the ME Workshop presentations on the MBA programme. We would be delighted to hear your critical ideas on how best to take Kaelo v2.0 [educational applications] and Kaelo v3.0 [commercial application]  forward as value -added tools of analysis in education and business respectively.  If you are interested in this development, you can always contact me via this web page.

To view the latest version of Kaelo : Kaelo v2.0 will open in a new browser window.

To view the latest iPad version of Kaelo : Kaelo v2.1 (iPad Version) will open in a new browser window.

Bildung & Education

The journal paper adapts Foucault’s concepts with the Bildung philosophy to define a public choice of self. Rather than acceptance of the socio-political status quo, Bildung is about the ability to criticise society, challenging it always. However, the labour of ‘becoming educated’ to a set of performance criteria focuses on the question of who we are and who we might become in an episteme of education; that is, on a public choice of self.
Lying is the norm……

Bildung Article