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Euro Debt Crisis:Signalling Game

Interview on 25th May on Russia Today with Katrina Ross and on Bloomberg 26th May with Linzie Janis and addressing the ICAEW Conference in London, July 14th Patrick McNutt argued that the Euro debt crisis could spillover into the Euro currency, and ECB signals to de-list insolvent banks and promote Europe as off-shore hub for RMB as template solutions to avoid a permanent debt-deflation cycle in the EU.

Russia Today:


Word Document: Banks-and-Financial-SignalsJuly2011v4.doc

Powerpoint Slides: LondonpaperFinal2011.pptx

Signalling Game: China and US

I continue to address audiences in Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai on applying gametheory concepts to the international crisis…

Continuing the argument provided in the Financial Times letter, the signalling game between China and the US on the role of the US dollar in international markets is considered as a template for analysis.


If it is unlikely that China moves first on its exchange rate to revalue to allow more imports and help in the fight to control domestic inflation then will the US move on a real depreciation of the US dollar to realise a long-term economic growth through a reliance on export growth. Who will prevail as the US needs to export more and China needs to fight inflation? It may require a G20 initiative on managing exchange rates as global imbalances continue to hamper a world economic recovery.

Leadership 2.0

CEO Breakfast Talk with SPRING Singapore

Addressing senior executives at a SPRING Breakfast meeting in Singapore recently, Patrick discussed leadership in the twenty-first century, comparing leadership style (manager) and leadership type (leader), arguing that leadership in business is a quality that differs from business leadership, and that type as a signal can impact on financial performance.

Download the Leadership Presentation.